Ever Had a dream?

If You Have Ever Had A Dream, This Is For YOU!
By Karen Palmer,
I have been very blessed in having a wonderful relationship with my daughter. She was raised with the Universal Laws and success principles and has created her dream life. Watching her manifest each desire taught me that anything is possible for all of us. Have you ever had a dream that you felt might be impossible? 2240Has someone ever come into your life and reminded you anything is possible? This is a step by step guide to help us remember any dream that was placed in our heart was placed there for us to accomplish it. I would like to share with you what my dream is; I choose to have global kindness go viral. I know it’s a big dream but I believe it is possible and that is half the battle as you will see in this blog. I am probably just like you. Maybe you saw Leon Logothetis on TV and said I want to meet him. Well I did and I shared with him my dream and he said, “Everyone’s dream deserves to come true” I have been working on the dream of having mindfulness and kindness in the schools since my daughter was in kindergarten, she is now in college. The dream is really coming true and my daughter inspires me when I get overwhelmed. She is so wise that I have become the student and she is a great teacher.

The Universe has no limits and neither should our minds.

My daughter is 19 years old and she is living in Los Angeles in a beautiful apartment and going to her dream school. I still remember the day she told me all of this was going to happen. She was 12 years old and she came in my room with her computer to show me where she was going to live when she graduated from High School. She printed out pictures of the apartment she would live in, friends she would meet, the car she would have, and the school she would be attending. She put this all together on a vision board. As I listened to her I couldn’t help but hear my own mother’s limiting beliefs coming out of my mouth, “ I said that is a pretty big dream and I hope it will come true. It is a very expensive school but we can apply for financial aid and hopefully it will all happen. I will never forget what she said, “ Mom, Thoughts become Things and I am going to manifest everything on that board with the help of the Universe. I don’t need to know how that is the Universe’s job. I just wanted to share with you where I will be going to school and it a fashion and design school. I plan to have my own Eco-Friendly Fashion line when I grow up. She left my room and I sat on my bed and thought about what she said and decided to let go of my limiting beliefs and enlist in her dream without knowing how we would ever afford it. I was about to get a lesson I would never ever forget.

Imagination and visualization will get you anything you desire.

If you can picture it in your head you can manifest it in the world. I know this is true and I still need a little help remembering it sometimes. My daughter Marissa would take five minutes each morning to visualize and imagine her life in Los Angeles. She would speak about it “as if” she had already been accepted to the school. untitledHer teen age years were a little difficult she got in trouble with a few kids that were experimenting with drugs and alcohol. I started to worry about her; she would console me and she explained I needed to give her some space to grow this was really hard for me but I decided to visualize how I wanted things to be and not focus my energy on worrying what could happen. Gratefully I am very spiritually connected and I would have angels watch over her and I would picture her making good choices and by her senior year in High School she was over her experimenting and back on track for getting good grades and she was excited to move to Los Angeles. We still were not sure HOW we were going to afford all of this but Marissa would say, “Trust that the Universe has her back the money will show up.” She was working part time at a local coffee shop and she was telling all her customers about her vision and dreams. She would act “as if” the money was going to show up anytime.

The Universe will conspire to bring you all you desire.

Marissa just continued everyday going to school and to work it was getting close to graduation day and I was trying to be supportive when I said if it doesn’t work out this year you are so young I am sure it will happen. Marissa corrected me and asked me to please not say negative words about her experience. She has stated clearly what she desires and the Universe would bring all the players and all that she needed. I agreed and decided to hold the vision with her and each day we would play a game of wouldn’t it be great if. She would talk about what she wanted to happen and we had so much joy letting our imagination run wild. One day at her work a customer who had been hearing about her dreams and visions shared with her that he has a very successful business and that he was really impressed with her positive attitude. He offered to pay for her entire schooling and not only that he would help her with her living expenses too. Marissa came home and told me her great news she moved to LA to the exact apartment building she posted on her vision board when she was twelve. She is living her dream life and tells me often how grateful she is that I raised her with the Laws of The Universe. I am so grateful to know she learned so well that she is teaching by example.

Have you ever had someone become your teacher? Are there lessons you have learned from unlikely sources?

Share in the comments below.

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Karen Palmer is a master at manifesting and teaches simple strategies so anyone can live their dream life. She shares how to apply the Laws of the Universe as a Success/Mindful Coach. She brings Ancient Wisdom to modern times as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and helps people discover the magic within. She has combined all her spiritual gifts as an animal communicator and Conscious Dog Trainer, and a Non-Profit Business Leader. She is working to bring environmental education, animal advocacy, and kindness to public schools. You can reach her at http://www.karenrpalmer.com follow her at http://www.twitter.com/pawsitively123 and like her at http://www.facebook.com/karenriordonpalmercropped-3.jpg

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