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I recently read my friend, Reba Linker’s NEW book, Imagine: Self-Love Journal.ISL-Cover-2-for-Kindle

I was particularly drawn to it because it’s the kind of book you can go at your own pace, there are prompts for self-love and there was a chapter about how to value myself.
Wow was this an awakening experience for me. I started  seeing the pattern of not enough in my life. I guess it all began in my childhood my parents divorced when I was young and I made it my fault. I told myself if I had just done better in school or kept my room clean they would not have divorced. I realized this pattern continued for most of my life a few years ago I did go on a journey of self growth reading many Louise Hay books and even becoming a best-selling author and online talk show host. I felt like now I was enough but that little bug of not enough wanted to keep biting me. I heard it whispering that is alright but you can do better.

No, I screamed out “I AM ENOUGH” I am MORE THAN ENOUGH. That was so liberating and I really have been pretty conscious of the little voice in my head. When I chose the exercise to write about I knew another amazing lesson was before me. The exercise is to write 5 things I value about myself. I struggled as I began the lesson at first but then I felt a wave of Self Love come over me it was powerful and accepting it was what I had been searching outside of myself my entire life and all long it was within me. I am LOVE!!! I experienced what SELF LOVE ACTUALIZED FELT LIKE!


5 Things I value about myself

1. What I value about myself is I am full of integrity I always do what I say I am going to do.
2. What I value about myself is I have fun while learning new things I am gentle with myself and supportive when I get confused I ask for help.
3. What I value about myself is I don’t see asking for help as a weakness any longer. I ask for help as a way of affirming The Universe always has my back and I am Grateful.
4. What I value about myself is I give to myself generously now I don’t feel guilty anymore when I establish healthy boundaries for me now it is either a Conscious YES or it is a HELL NO. I am very clear now in letting go of my addiction to people-pleasing.
5. What I value about myself is I can accomplish ANYTHING I put my mind to and I do so with grace and ease. I AM SELF LOVE ACTUALIZED!
You can have this experience too if you grab a copy of her amazing book I am also doing the course she is teaching on Daily Om the links are all below.
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About The Author: YOU CAN GRAB A FREE COPY OF MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS  Karen is following her inner-calling to help women, children and animals end the suffering of abuse. She is a successful non-profit business leader, environmental educator, game designer, Animal Communicator, NLP Practitioner, and Kundalin Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor. She Combines Ancient Wisdom, Technology, and Modern Science to help make OUR world a better place. She also helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents, and peacemakers find their voice and share their message and gifts globally.

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