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The Secret to Puppy Love

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Using law of attraction and mindfulness in dog training – and in life!

A new innovative and interactive book that will help you have a more spiritual connection with your pet.

A ground-breaking guide to dog training and life.

Learn the lessons that your dog has been guided to your life to teach YOU!

A toolkit using law of attraction, mindfulness, and energy healing in dog training……and in life.

This book will literally transform and improve all your relationships.

A simple step-by-step system helping you discover the divine in your canine and in YOU! Filled with law of attraction experts, animal communicators,energy healers, mindful exercises and meditations that will create miracles in your life.

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The Secret to Puppy Love

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Inspirational, can’t put the book down reading! This book changes the way you look and listen to your pet. Lives transformed for the better.Learn to communicate and connect with your pets and improve all relationships in your life. This book is written by a dog trainer and animal communicator. She will teach you how to have a better connection with your pets. She will show you how your dog is not only your best friend but your greatest spiritual teacher. The book is filled with true stories of triumphant successes with dogs that had behavior issues. Give this book as a message of hope. Filled with inspirational moments that help us remember the truth “Love Is Forever”
Learn why you and your pet were guided to each other.